Halebank Youth Club - Freemen Of Hale Grant

Halebank Youth Club, are to receive a Freemen Of Hale Grant/Donation, towards their outside recreation area, infront of the Youth Club. The grant/donation of £2000, will be put towards an area of artificial turf/grass, to make it easier and safer for outdoor events.


Each year, the Freemen hold several fundraising events, such as the Ascot Race Day at Hale Hall Gardens, and the Valentines evening in the Village Hall! Funds raised by the Freemen, are distributed back into the community - to local groups and organisations.

Criteria Any group or organisation - charitable or non charitable within the Parish's of Hale and Halebank, can apply for a Freemens Grant/Donation. The grant/donation must not be towards funding a bill and/or debt, but an item the group can use long term and that will benefit the group/organisation. Groups or organisations who feel they need such a donation - must identify a specific item they require or need, it may be a broken piece of equipment or a new piece of equipment. When applying for a Freemens Grant/Donation, it is required that a full set of accounts are presented with the application!

Past Donations The list below shows just a number of local groups/organisations that have applied for and received a Freemens Grant/Donation: *St. Mary's Church, Hale with Halebank. *Hale Juniors football club. *Hale FC. *Hale Youth Centre. *Hale Village Hall. *Hale Carnival. *Wellington Bowling Club. *Mersey Wave choir. *Shetland Rescue.

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