Devoted Community Volunteer - Mr's Pat Price Dies Aged 82

One of Hale Village's most active volunteers for over 4 decades, has sadly passed away, Mr's Pat Price sadly passed away Monday morning - 1st February, at the age of 82.

Pat from Church Road here in the village, was married to her late husband Tom.

Pat lived in the village for over 40 years and was involved with the many community groups, she was also invested as a Guildwoman of Hale, for her services to the village. Pat was also one of the co-founders of the Guildswomen's Group.

She served on many of the community groups here in Hale - and served on Hale Parish Council for man many years. Pat was instrumental in saving the Village Surgery at Ivy Farm Court - and was involved with the Childe of Hale Wood Carving/Tree, back in the mid 1990's.

Pat had several health issues but still attended the various village functions in her wheelchair - helped by her loving neighbour Kathy. Pat was last seen in public, at the Christmas High Tea in the Village Hall in early December 2015.

Below is a recent photo of Pat - attending the Heritage Open Day, at St Mary's Church, in late September 2015.

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