PCSO Stephen Marnick Monthly Hale Crime Report (June 2016)

From pm 16th May 2016 to midday 13th June 2016 the following 27 entries are recorded on our systems for Hale Village. I have summarised the entries to make it easier to get an overview. They are not in date order and details are omitted as needed.

1 Intelligence Reports

1 Alarms 28/5/16- Hale Rd all ok,

5 Violence/Harassment Baileys Lane 29/05/16 male on motorbike – caller photographing male who returned with threats. (Photos obtained). 05/06/16 family related male arrested Cocklade Lane. Church Road family related 01/06/16, Public house town lane 06/06/16 public order no person willing to make a complaint/statement. 11/06/16 wrongly coded (was Halebank Rd Ditton)

1 Concern for Safety 10/065/16 male all in order

3 Admin type -Messages to Pass & Misc. Prison related Simple Advice

Civil Dispute

Missing Persons



2 Personal Environmental ASB Nuisance 05/06/16 local pub town lane – male arrested – see also drugs. & 07/06/16 Carr Lane off road motorbikes.

Burglary other than in a dwelling 21/05/16 theft overnight of a pedal bike from an insecure shed on Cocklade Lane

Burglary other

Sexual Offences

Theft of a Motor Vehicle

2Theft / Other ornaments stolen from garden Ireland Road 02/06/16 & Theft of phone left at shop Ivy Farm Court 04/06/16

1 Theft From a Motor Vehicle 05/06/16 Church Rd again front passenger window smashed. Purse/bag taken.

1 Police Generated 19/05/16 vehicle seized and driver arrested (no insurance positive breath test) Town Lane

1 Suspicious person/vehicle/activity 03/06/16 20.00hrs Hale Rd vehicle on fire – see crim damage

1 Criminal Damage vehicle causing damage to crops off Hale Road fields 03/06/16 10am possibly same as incident above.

Animal Domestic

Prevent Breach of the Peace

1 Highway Disruption 23/05/16 Hesketh Rd blocked garage – car gone on arrival.

Property Lost /Found

3 Domestics 21/05/16 Church End Mews x2, & 05/06/16 Cocklade Lane

1 Abandoned phone calls Town Lane 27/05/16

Wildlife matters

RTC’s injury

RTC Damage/Damage only

1 Vulnerable Person reports -

2 Road related Traffic offences 18/05/16 stop check on vehicle Church End Mews & 31/05/16 two off road motorbikes on Within Way.


Sudden Death

Bail breaches etc

Drugs 05/06/16 male arrested local pub town lane possession controlled drug

Assist other agencies – often ambulance etc.

1 Traveller Related was not a traveller but a single caravan Hale Park 01/06/16

Beat Manager covering the Hale Village area is PC 5320 Sara Melling, and supervision is A/Sergeant 4345 Marc Roberts. PCSO for the Hale Village area is 9489 Stephen Marnick

Slightly higher figure this reporting period – taking into account the earlier meeting.

The more serious incidents – violence etc, recorded for the village this month were almost certainly alcohol/drug related.With the request for additional patrolling and a covert operation there have been a number of additional traffic related incidents. This added attention was requested specifically from about 10pm to 2am where we were having a number of reports of drug use/dealing in the village.

We do our best to ensure as much crime and anti-social behaviour is prevented and where it occurs to try and get those responsible. The villagers are increasingly helping us to achieve this objective by reporting matters such as suspicious persons, vehicles etc. A number of the calls above are testimony to the fact villagers do have the confidence to call us and allow us to deal with the incidents, hopefully preventing more serious incidents occurring.You may another vehicle was seized for no insurance by way of unlicensed driver (disqualified) who also blew over on the breath test reading so driver arrested.Both Covert and overt patrolling will continue to be carried out and this is paying dividends.

One of the incidents in this report shows a male threatening a residents who photographed or filmed an off road motorcyclist who took exception to this.Please be mindful of putting yourself at any greater risk if you do something similar. We would not advise confronting any person or persons and ask you call us on 101 or 999 as necessary.

I have and do patrol across the village as much as my duties allow. I also do some patrolling in the Halebank area. I know my PCSO and Police Officer colleagues also pay attention to the area when I am on leave or rest days.

Again, when possible and I have tried to cover some of the smaller, quieter inner roads as well. I have conducted patrols across the village from up near the border with Speke to Halegate road and including the arterial routes. I also try to call into some of the residents or businesses in the remoter areas such as Ramsbrook Lane, Baileys Lane etc. If you see me say hello!

I was not able to do any speed enforcement this reporting period though I am hopeful of checking further speeding hot spot locations in the near future.

I will be arranging – with a colleague to take a number of elderly residents out to the youth club nearer the end of July – more on this in the next report. My thanks to all the volunteers that look after this club and who help in the church and other venues.

I want to be able to engage and update the residents who are unable to come to the parish council meetings perhaps due to age or disabilities so, if you know of any who would like a visit get in touch. I look forward to the day when we have a new village hall and continue to provide feedback to residents as we have done in the past.

I continue to check the roads around the bottom of Hoghton and the “fruit tree” closes for poor parking reported by a couple of residents and I am pleased to say further evening checks have not shown any further problem vehicles. The No Waiting restriction (single yellow) will continue to be checked outside of the school. One driver was spoken to within the last reporting period and ad hoc checks were made at both sides of the school.

As always we aim to be visible to you but if you find an issue occurring that we have not noticed or has not been brought to our attention please get in touch (see below)

The Operational Order – Operation Scrambler which has and is being carried out by officers, with PC Vicki Abraham taking the lead, is showing even better results with lower numbers of reports being called in about off road motorbikes.

We did have a few reports of off road bikes this reporting period. If you have any information that could identify the riders or their addresses please do make contact with us. This is an ongoing operation and officers have had some good successes recently. We do know the reports of illegally used motorbikes, quads etc. will continue and potentially increase as the weather improves and along with this our responses will increase too.

We have not received any further complaints of these causing an issue.

A reminder that the Grundy’s Excavation Company (the company name will be on the vehicle) have said all of their vehicle drivers have been asked NOT to use Hale Village and if any of these are sighted going through Hale Village that the driver will be spoken to and asked for an explanation. Please report any details to me showing correct vehicle registration mark and date and time and I will speak with this company. Please bear in mind the avoidance of Hale Village by this company is only a good will gesture and not legally enforceable until and if the weight restriction is given the go ahead.

Grundy’s Skip Hire assured me they only use Hale Village if they need to and that all loads should be secured. Again please let me know of any issues with this company and get details as above if any loads are not secured. Personally I have seen an improvement in this respect.

I have not had or heard of any reports of fly tipping this period. Regular checks are made in the “hotspot” areas of (Church Road, Ramsbrook and Carr and Baileys Lanes).

A request from the landowners around the village, Hale Estates for persons not to trespass onto their land without permission. If you witness anything you perceive as suspicious please call us on 101. .

Thanks go out to those residents for calling us up with suspicious activity and we hope the level of service you received was of a high standard.

I am still waiting on the requested signage from Halton Council regarding the keeping of dogs on the lead in Hale Park other than in the above area. Until the signs are in place I will make my task one of educating visitors on keeping dogs on the lead except in the play area. Can I ask you also lead (no pun intended) by example, it is appreciated?

We hope you can see for yourself by this report that, when you hear of reports that generally crime is falling, you can see how this is reflected in your area. As said previously we are not complacent and will continue to try and bring the figures down across all police-related issues.

We want to encourage even more information – intelligence that we gather. If residents are not confident in passing their details to us they can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 – they won’t ask for your details and the information will still reach us. We would rather they have the confidence in us and the system as the callers’ details are “sanitized” from all the intelligence reports. I.e. suspicious goings on/suspicious persons/vehicles, smells of cannabis etc. if reporting vehicles or persons try and obtain details such as vehicle registration marks; clothing descriptions etc. – if you have a mobile with you many have voice recorders.

We are hoping the Parish Council, school, church, businesses and residents are encouraged and reassured by the report however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you want up to date information about Hale Village policing matters we post messages on Twitter and Tweet as often as we should/can when we are on duty and our address is @PoliceWidnes (if any readers are local and they need any help with this I can also call along to set it up for you or show you how to tweet yourselves! (It’s so easy - just like texting!)

Another great communication tool is the Cheshire police’s internet site


I would like to promote the Cheshire police ALERT system more as presently we only have about a dozen subscribers – this system is geared up similar to a homewatch scheme whereby businesses or households can choose to be alerted on matters that you want – such as scams, bogus callers, etc. and by which method you choose such as text, phone call, email etc. There is more information on our website or via

https://www.cheshirepolicealert.co.uk I am more than willing to help any resident or business get set up.

A resource for obtaining information as to police related matters is https://www.askthe.police.uk (apps available)

Remember 999 calls are for emergencies only and these cover matters such as but not limited to:

  • there is a danger to life

  • violence is used or threatened

  • a serious crime (violent crime/burglary) is in progress or likely to occur

  • a suspect for a serious crime is nearby

  • there is a road traffic collision involving personal injury or danger to other road users

  • a vulnerable person needs urgent attention

  • Our 999 call handlers strive to answer all calls within 10 seconds


For non-emergency calls, call 101. Using 999 for general enquiries may delay response to someone who needs urgent assistance. You should dial 101 (the non-emergency number) if:

  • you want to report a crime or criminal damage that is not in progress at the time of your call

  • you want to report a minor road traffic collision

  • you want to contact your local police officer

  • you want to enquire about lost property or provide information to the police

  • you need information or advice

Finally, please do let us know what information you would like including on this report and we will see if we can incorporate this.

Thank You for your attention

PCSO 9489 Stephen Marnick Stephen.marnick@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

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