Cheshire Police Operation Scrambler Update

Care of PCSO 9489 Stephen Marnick Hale Village News Update

The Operational Order – Operation Scrambler which has and is being carried out by officers, with PC Vicki Abraham taking the lead, is showing even better results with lower numbers of reports being called in about off road motorbikes.

We did have a few reports of off road bikes this reporting period. If you have any information that could identify the riders or their addresses please do make contact with us. This is an ongoing operation and officers have had some good successes recently. We do know the reports of illegally used motorbikes, quads etc. will continue and potentially increase as the weather improves and along with this our responses will increase too.

We have not received any further complaints of these causing an issue.!PCSO-Stephen-Marnick-Monthly-Hale-Crime-Report-June-2016/cpim/575fbfdb0cf2d021c3fc6fa1

Cheshire Police June Update

Nine arrests made as part of Operation Scrambler in Widnes

The fight against the illegal and anti-social use of mini-motos and off-road bikes is continuing in Widnes.

Riders are feeling the effects of an on-going operation, which was launched in response to concerns raised by local residents. In recent months it has been gathering pace with information being supplied by members of the public and local officers acting on that information where they can.

Over the past six weeks officers across Widnes have seized 9 off-road motor bikes, seized 2 vans which were being used to transport the bikes, issued 7 section 59 notices to riders and made 9 arrests, as part of Operation Scrambler.

This is part of the Constabulary’s on-going commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour surrounding the use of illegal off-road mini-motos and off-road bikes. The bikes targeted were identified as a result of police intelligence and information received from members of the public.

Cheshire Constabulary has launched a media campaign in Widnes which has comprised of targeted messaging on local buses, and on a mobile advan parked up in local hot spots around Widnes. This was to appeal to the public to work with us to tackle nuisance mini-motos and off-road bikes.

The media campaign has seen members of the public contacting the police to give intelligence on those riding anti socially and where they are keeping their mini-motos / off-road bikes. This has enabled officers in Widnes to issue section 59 notices, seize bikes and make arrests where necessary in a bid to stop the issue.

PC Vicki Abraham said: “Widnes Local Policing Unit is working extremely hard to crack down on nuisance mini-motos and off-road motorbikes.

“We are grateful for the intelligence that we have received so far from local people and this is helping us to build up a bigger picture of what is happening and who is responsible.

“We will continue to act upon any information that is passed on by members of the public - and we will use this information to support any seizures and prosecutions where necessary. You can rest assured that our efforts will continue and thank you to members of the public for actively supporting our operation”

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