Widnes & Cheshire Police StreetSafe Event Comes To Hale

Widnes and Cheshire Police were at Ivy Farm Court Shops with their "StreetSafe" initiative on Saturday 3rd June , they were located at the front of Ivy Farm Court Shops at the Chemist end of the car park.

The event took place between 10:00am through to 3:00pm/15:00hrs, in front of the shops - on a pleasant sunny day in the village..

Police vehicles were on display along with the "Think Car". This vehicle, a wreck, was used by a driver who sadly died as a result of his injuries and who was found to be under the influence of drink and drugs. The family gave permission for this vehicle to be used to promote awareness of drink and drug driving.

There was crime reduction literature and property marking for local residents of Hale Village.

High visibility patrols took place across the village and villagers completed questionnaires on Arklow Drive and met with Officers to address any issues they had..

#streetsafe #widnespolice #cheshirepolice

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