Hale Shore Clean Up 2018

Everyone is welcome to help out with this years Shore Clean Up, organised by villager David Hines. Meet at the small bridge - The Ladypool Bridge. Saturday 24th March from 10.00 to 12.00.

David writes below about last years clean - up and this years planned event!

"Last year there was a wonderful community effort which resulted in the shore being a pleasure to walk all summer and into the winter months About 80 people came to help and so much rubbish was removed that it filled two wagon loads for the council to take away. But high tides come every year depositing yet more rubbish!

We are suggesting people meet at the little bridge this year because there is so much rubbish down around there and beyond. Wheel barrows will be a great help to move rubbish back to the lighthouse for loading by the council. If you have one please bring it. Also if you have a quad with trailer that would be a wonderful help to move the heavier items collected. Another great community day is anticipated. Please come and help - everyone counts."

Care of Mr David Hines

#haleshorecleanup2018 #halelighthouse #haleshore

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