Hale Village Easter Cross Walk of Witness Procession

On a sunny and beautiful Good Friday morning - 28th March - saw villagers attending the start of the Easter Services at St Mary's Church.

The Good Friday Service at St Mary's Hale, commenced at 11:00am, which was followed by the Easter Walk of Witness with the carrying of the Cross to Hale War Memorial.

The Church service finished just before 12 noon, those who attended - joined the gathering out side the Church - in the sunshine, to form the procession to the War Memorial.

Lead by the Rev Janice Collier, Rev Rachel Gaunt of St Mary's and Father Ed Caine of St Ambrose, the procession with the Cross being carried by volunteers of the congregation - made it's way along Church Road, past the Manor House, the Childe of Hale Cottage and through Church End to the Village War Memorial.

Once the Cross was erected, the outdoor service began, conducted by the Rev Janice Collier Rev Rachel Gaunt and Father Ed Caine.

The outdoor service lasted around 20 minutes and included several hymns, readings and prayers.

Carrying the cross at the front is local villager David Ellison - who is blind, helped along by Colin Borlase along with an Event Steward and Norman at the back from Church Road'

The cross walk of witness, is now in it's 21st year here in Hale Village!

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