Hosepipe Ban Will Be Introduced On Sunday August 5th

A hosepipe ban is to be put in place in England for the first time since 2012.

United Utilities will enforce a hosepipe ban in the North West of England affecting around 7 million people.

The water company will introduce a Temporary Use Ban from Sunday 5th of August in areas including parts of Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside.

In the meantime, customers are being asked to use water wisely and to avoid using garden sprinklers and hosepipes.

The main water restrictions by United Utilities include:

  • Watering a garden and/or plants using a hosepipe

  • Cleaning a private car, van, motorbike, trailer, caravan or leisure boat using a hosepipe

  • Filling or maintaining a domestic swimming pool, paddling pool or ornamental fountain

  • Cleaning walls or windows using a hosepipe

  • Using a water from a hosepipe for domestic recreational use

  • Cleaning paths or patios using a hosepipe

  • Cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe.

You can still use water outdoors if you:

  • Use tap water to fill a bucket or watering can

  • Use grey water, which is water that’s been used before ie bath water

  • Have your own water supply such as a private borehole.

£1000 Fine During Hosepipe Ban

United Utilities say they have the power to impose fines of up to £1000 on anyone ignoring the hosepipe ban.

Martin Padley, director of water services at United Utilities said: “Despite some recent rainfall, reservoir levels are still lower than we would expect at this time of year and, with forecasters predicting a return to hot dry weather for the rest of July we will need to impose some temporary restrictions on customers.

“We are enormously grateful to customers for having helped reduce the demand on our network over the last couple of weeks but unless we get a period of sustained rainfall before 5 August these restrictions will help us safeguard essential water supplies for longer.”

United Utilities said the ban was alongside the company’s efforts to maintain essential supplies, including maximising water abstraction from groundwater supplies, moving water around its regional integrated network of pipes, and running a campaign to encourage customers to use water wisely.

Along with a very dry period, United Utilities has also had its resources put under pressure by the moorland fires on Saddleworth Moor and surrounding areas.


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