St Mary's Church Need Your Help

There have been quite a few comments made in various places about St. Mary's Churchyard. Although it is the church's responsibility to maintain it, it is also part of the village. The last new grave there was in 2014, and there is no further room now, so the only burials we can have are in existing graves or in a few sites for created remains. This means we have little or no income for the churchyard. Our members are struggling to maintain it, and if we pay a gardener it costs £500 per cut. just for the 'new' part, not the part immediately round the church. So we are asking for help! On 6th July we are having a 'work day' from 10am to 3pm and if you have a spare hour or two in that time please come and help. If you have a spade, fork, rake or wheelbarrow, please bring them with you.Free tea and coffee provided!


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