Hale Village Hall Project
The Village Hall that has served the community for over 42 years, was built and opened in 1974 - on the site of
an older building, called the "Drill Hall".  This Drill Hall was previously used for Army training during the war years,
it was later used by the Webb family - who owned one of the many Nurserys in the village, for sterilising daffodil -
As times changed in the village during the late 1960's, the Drill Hall became redundant, along with Webbs nursery
in the village -  being sold for housing.
The Drill Hall site was identified for a location for a village and community hall. It was built and opened in 1974.
After 42 years of serving the comminity, the original hall and it's building methods of the 1970's, have seen better days.  
In 2015, Hale Parish Council was successfull in gaining a Lottery grant of £500:000, to fund the demolition of the old building and to build a new halll.
During July 2016, contractors started on the project to demolish the hall  - and to build a new one.
Below we have a Village Hall Project gallery, showing the progress of the project. through to completion when it was signed over on the 29th September 2017
The content of the page will also be documented for the Freemen Of Hale Archive.
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