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Manor Farm












Manor Farm is owned and farmed by the Webb familly and is located at the

begining of Withins Way.

The farm is slightly hidden behind the Manor House on Church Road,  as you

turn into Withins Way the large sheds and gated entrance then become visible.



Manor farm has a spacious yard/working area, for the ever increasing size of todays large modern machinery. On one side of the yard there are three joined sheds, these are mainly for the preperation and storage of harvested potatoes. One shed is used for the storage of the harvested crop, while the other one is used for the preperation, grading and bagging for wholesale potatoe merchants. The third shed is used for the storge of machinery, such as tractors and implements.


The other side of the yard has another 3 sheds, although this time seperate from each other.  This includes a grain store, next to that there is a small shed for storage and across the yard on the same side is a larger shed used for  storage of implements and grading boxes for potatoes.  

As well as the modern buildings the farm still holds onto the traditional buildings in one corner of the yard, these where once used for hey, horses and cattle over 50 years ago.  Recent buildings include a chemical store and the renovation of a barn into an office for the running of the farm, this same building also includes a fully equiped downstairs changing and washing area for staff and workers while on site.


The main crops grown by Bill Webb, at Manor Farm include: Wheat, Barly, Rape/Linseed Oil and potatoes.  Up until 2005 Bill Webb famously grew onions, but due to factors in the market, the growing of onions ceased!




Planting Potato's 2007


To the right we have a 9 minute video from 2007, of workers from the

farm, planting potatoes.

Here you can see several stages of the field being prepared, such as -

bedforming to de-stoning and the final stage of planting the potatoe crop.

Home Farm



Home Farm is managed by Mr David Harrison.

The farm is located off Hale Road behind Tec9 and

what is locally known as "The Thatches".  The farm is

owned by Hale Estates who'm own most of the

argricultural land in and around Hale Village.  


The farm has now down-sized over the years to just

growing cerial crops.  During the mid 1900's up until

the mid 1990's, the farm was a hive of activity, from

running a milking herd, calfing, growing potatoes to

growing numerous cerial crops.




Most of the farmland, around Home Farm, was once the open estate parkland of Hale Hall.  This open parkland stretched upto

Baileys Lane, along the shore path to the Ladypool stream and from the now village park, for where cattle once grazed during

the mid 1950's through to the late 1960's.

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