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To include the entire written history of Hale Village on such a site as this,, would be a task in it's self and probably would be impossible-although it would also take up all the entire bandwidth and allotted space of this website.

This website provides just a small snippet or insight into the historical value of Hale village for the online community who fall upon the website, either by simply browsing or looking for something specific of historical nature connected to Hale and themselves.

If you are enquiring about village history and are unable to locate a specific item on the net, local book shops, library's or record office's , then the contacts of local village historians on this page may be of help to you!?


Enquiries that we receive and appear to be most popular and frequent are:

  • Hale Hall

  • Ireland Blackburnes

  • Ireland Blackburne Geneology

  • Village Maps

  • Old Village Buildings

  • Archeology

  • Locating Friends

  • Locating Past Family Members

  • General Village History


If you fall into one of the above categories, then it is possible that one of the contacts included on this page may be of assistance to you in your quest for historical information.

Where possible,, the fastest means of communicating with the required person has been included.


Mr Ralp Mills


Recommended Enquiries For

Genealogy & Other General Village Histroy Enquiries

General Village Histroy Enquiries



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