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Memories Of Hale Park
Hale Park today is a minute catchment area of the once larger open estate parkland, of Hale Hall, once occupied by the Ireland Blackburne Family from the mid 1600’s up until the 1930’s, when they left the -
village, for France..
Below, we share with you, from various villagers, some of who’m who worked on the estate land, memories of the estate and parkland.  
Memories from years gone by, such as the 1940’s and 1950’s, from when the estate land was home to cattle grazing, an air raid shelter and a small farm and nursery!
  • The "Grey Lady" (ghost) down the park
  • Playing in the ruins of Hale Hall before they were demolished, especially the couple of cellars.
  • The day the old hall finally got demolished in 1981

  • The small estate iron gate at the top of the park track/drive near Hale Hall was always shut.

  • Arnold Cox planting the Freemens Coppice in the parkland.

  • The very first slide and swings in Hale Park with the big tree trunk to sit on.

  • The Caravan Club in Hale Park,, on the left.

  • Home Farms (Jimmy Pickups) cows grazing the parkland.

  • The Air Raid shelter in the park on the right.

  • The tennis courts and tennis club down the park/Hall

  • Turners farm, mowing silage/cutting the grass in the park and storing it next to the walled garden        

  • Annual bonfire in the park, 5th November.

  • Webb’s little red fergie’s collecting wood around the village for bonfire night in Hale Park.

  • The daffodil fields behind the park/hall

  • Bernard Webb’s potatoes and cows in the walled garden down the park/Hale Hall.

  • The greenhouses in the walled garden.

  • Hale Park before people were aloud in.

  • The old conker tree in the park on the right, with the rope swing on it, tied to one of the branches.

  • Bonfire night in Hale Park and the fireworks exploded on the trailer.

  • The parkland/estate gates opposite the war memorial, to Hale Hall, were always closed

  • Allen & Evans Nursery in the parkland of Hale Hall.

  • When Mr Arnold Cox secured the park for public use.

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