February 20, 2019


From pm 21st January 2019 to pm 18th February 2019 the following entries are recorded on our systems for Hale Village. They are not always in date order and details are omitted as needed.  The date shown is usually t...

February 17, 2019

Case No:19/00043/FUL

Officer name: Melissa Pagan

Applicants name: Mr Keith Winstanley

Applicants Address:13 Baileys Lane Hale Heath Widnes L24 5RG

Agents name: Mr Richard Smith

Agents Address: RJS 23 Ellerslie Avenue Rainhill Liverpool L35 4QD

Details of proposal: Proposed i...

February 17, 2019

At the Freemen Of Hale Annual Court, two villagers were made Freemen of  the Village. Karl Atkinson and Mike Lewis.

The Annual Court is held every January and is attended by the Mayor of Halton, Lord Mayor of Liverpool and the Provost of Altrincham.

During the Annua...

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