The Freemen Of Hale Plant Over 500 Daffodil Bulbs At The Freemens Copse

During October and November, the Freemen of Hale Village have held several working parties, to clear an area of ground at the Freemens Copse.

In October, the first working day took place to clear brambles and overgrown scrub, to make way for the planting of several hundred daffodils.

Recently, Freeman Simon Griffiths rotavated the cleared area - with his tractor and miller, to prepare the ground for planting.

On Saturday 19th November, a group of Freemen headed by the Lord Mayor of Hale, planted around 500 daffodil bulbs in the prepared area. These daffodils will be visible through the fencing - from the park in the corner - where the Dog Exercise area is located. The daffodil bulbs were donated by villager - Will Atkinson, at the Wallasey branch store of Wilkinsons/Wilko's.

At a later date, further work will be undertaken in the area, along with a large batch of Poppies that will be sown, to give further colour once the daffodils have flowered.

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