Regular Speed Enforcement Continues Targeting Dangerous Driving

Cheshire Police have been in and around the village today - Monday 25th January - and continue with their regular weekly - and monthly speed enforcement, on the main roads.

Weekends are no exception, Sunday 24th of January, saw speed enforcement at Baileys Lane and Hale Road, where the speed limit entering the village is 30mph.

Widnes Police ‏@PoliceWidnes Jan 24

Checking vehicle speeds Hale Rd Hale Village, nr Baileys Lane. Pls keep to the 30mph max limit thanks - 9489 - #hereforcommunities

Monday 25th January, saw further speed enforcement on Ramsbrook Lane as one enters the village - near the Telephone Exchange.

Widnes Police ‏@PoliceWidnes

Speed enforcement now on Ramsbrook Lane - as you enter the village it’s 30mph Max - and there are signs! thanks #hereforcommunities

Cheshire Police reported via their twitter feed, that one motorist was captured at 48mp in the 30mph zone...

Widnes Police ‏@PoliceWidnes

Before the rain! One driver at 48mph Ramsbrook Lane, well into the 30mph limit. Notice of Intended Prosecution to be served....


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