Jo Brands Sport Relief One Hell Of A Walk Receives One Hell Of A Welcome

Jo Brand is walking across England from The Humber Bridge to Liverpool for Sport Relief 2016.

On her last leg of the journey - Warrington to Liverpool, she walked through Hale Village and received "one hell of a welcome"!

As Jo entered the village perimeter, she rested for a few minutes at the Welcome to Hale sign- at the chicane on Hale Gate Road, where she was greeted by a Villager and their Grandchild - who gave Jo a donation and wished her well.

As Jo walked further into the village she was welcomed by villagers who had gathered at the roadside to greet her and wish her well. But the best was yet to come.

Walking up Town Lane past the shops and the old School, more villagers lined the route, but upon turning into Church End towards the Childe of Hale Pub, she was greeted by all the school children from Hale Primary school cheering Jo, on. Jo thanked them all and Hi Fived them as she walked the last few yards to the Childe of Hale Pub for lunch.

Villagers gathered along the roadside and in the car park of the Childe of Hale Pub to greet her.

Jo was greeted - and officially welcomed to the village by the Lord Mayor of Hale Village - Freeman Paul Turton. There also to greet Jo, where: HBC Executive Board and Ward Councillor for Hale - Mike Wharton, Hale Parish Council Evelyn Hudson.

After lunch in the Childe Of Hale Pub, Jo was bid farewell - and proceeded through the village, on the last leg of her journey, towards Liverpool.


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