Hale Park Lease Surrendered

Hale Parish Council are in the final stages of surrendering the lease for Hale Park, to Halton Borough Council.

Due to cutbacks at HBC, the Open Space Services communicated that they must enforce the lease tearms, that Hale Parish Council should now pay for maintaining the park, which annually would be £16000. As the Hale Parish precept is approaching this figure of £16000 annually, the Parish Council could not afford the costs.

If the Parish Council were to continue to lease the park, it would incur the costs of maintaining it, along with making sure the Health and Safety regulations in the park, especially in and around the play area, were complied with.

Hale park was once the open estate hunting and gaming land of Hale Hall. It was later used as farm land and grazing pasture for Home Farm up until 1972 - and later was signed over from Hale Estates for a public park from 1974 under Whiston And District Rural Council - Lancashire.

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