Residential Allocations Plan - Green Belt Status Change Consultation Hale Village

Residential Allocations Plan - Green Belt Status Change Consultation.

January 4th, to February 15th Consultation Period.

There are proposed plans to change use of greenbelt land status in and around Hale Village, on Ramsbrook Lane, Town Lane and Home Farm, into sites for potential residential development,,, as marked on the “Online Interactive Map”, H1, H2 and H3 locations...

A Halton Borough Council 'public consultation' is now currently underway, from January 4th, to February 15th.

Villagers who wish to partake and/or view the consultation can view the documentation online at also at main Halton Borough Council’s Halton Direct Link Offices and Libraries.

You can also view via the above link - further down it's page, a pdf of a land survey of Hale Village and surrounding areas in “Appendix I – Hale”, showing desirable plots of land for future possible development - if they were taken out of the Green Belt...

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