Hale Village Volunteers Spring Surprise Farewell, For Fellow Volunteer

Over 80 village volunteers paid a heartfelt farewell and gave thanks to the lovely Ann Barnett, who has been volunteering in the village for near on 30 years. Ann is leaving Hale to start a new life (not too far away), in Woolton, she is down-sizing.

Ann is pictured wearing the pink striped jumper

Ann wasn’t aware of what had been planned(?), but to get her to the village hall, she was lead to believe that there was a charity event talking place.

All her friends beforehand, had arranged the hall to be laid out for her Farewell Afternoon Tea, and gathered at the hall from around 1:45pm, with Ann to arrive just after 2pm.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and all went to plan, with Ann arriving right on que - escorted by her daughter in law Kath - with the hall full of 80 odd village volunteers, ready to greet and dine with her... At this point Ann’s suspicions, must have been growing???

With everyone, and Ann seated,,, Val Borlase welcomed everyone followed by explaining and springing the surprise to Ann what was really going on. After Val had spoken, Ann received farewell goodwishes and presents.

Reverend Janice Collier of St Mary’s Church Hale, then invited everyone to say prayer before Ann’s afternoon tea commenced.

During the afternoon, time was set-aside and several people took the stage to wish her all the best and to talk of her volunteering in the village.
Val Borlase, Rev Janice Collier, Naomi Hadden, and Mrs. Mowatt – Head Teacher from Hale C of E all spoke of the various activities she was involved in over the last 30 years here in Hale Village,,, from Hale C of E Class Room Assistant, St Mary’s Church including the Lent Lunches and Easter Garden, Village Hall Coffee Shop including the Carnival Day Coffee Shop, McMillan and Marie Currie Coffee Mornings inbetween, and more recently Ann also is part of the Hale Park Estates/Curlender - Volunteer Garden Group.
It’s fair to say, Ann has done quite a lot and kept herself active, and was rightly so made a Guildswoman of the village, many years ago.
We wish her well in her new home and hope to still see her on occasions visiting, when she is able to commute to the village.

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