New Planters For The Curlender - Hale Park Estate

For the past 12 months, the volunteer group on the Hale Park Estate - Curlender, have been working hard in tidying up the green spaces.... From pruning shrubs - and planting new shrubs,,, to cleaning up the garages,, and more!

With funding help from Halton Borough Councils - The Area Forum and Hale Parish Council who also gave the group a donation, they were able take delivery of two planters at the beginning of February, for the front area of Wellington Gate.

The planters were prepared and set into position on the greenspace at the entrance to Wellington Gate, bricks and stones were added to the planters by Mal Sutton, for drainage.

Monday afternoon - 12th February, with help from Bill Webb and Damian from Manor Farm, the planters were filled up with soil and compost - and during Thursday 15th February a couple of days later, they were planted up with Spring flowering plants and small shrubs.

Their work is starting to pay off, and is now making a difference around the area of Wellington Gate - Hale Park Estate...

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